Supply your own food, I try to show you how easy it can be
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Supply your own coffee.

Growing coffee plants in your home is an experience which is rich and rewarding. It is quite easy to take care of coffee plants.

Supply Your own fish food.

Some of the reasons for creating your own fish food can be as simple as being in control of the whole process, especially if you’re growing fish to eat.

My Home Based Aquaponics Project

Aquaponics System 2
I thought I would share the fun I had while building my aquaponics project in my back yard.
There are photos (getting better at doing that ) the idea is to have fish growing in a large container and the water from the fish is to be filtered through a garden bed with a substrate in which the vegetables will grow. You  too can supply your own food More..

The easiest way I have found to make and fit a bell siphon in my Aquaponic grow bed

Bell Siphon Discharge
One of the most fun and possibly frustrating parts of Aquaponics is the building and fitting of a Siphon to empty your grow bed once it has filled.
Ideally you want the water in the grow bed to fill to just below the surface of your grow media. It then have it empty to allow your grow bed to “breathe”
Getting the water coming into your grow bed and then to have it siphon away can be healthy for plant growth. More..

Build your own Party Ice Box

webIMG_00000182We Had a party coming up and it was get close to the date and with no where large to store all the visitors cold drinks. We do have a beer fridge but that was full of my beer and the wife’s’ wine, with no room to spare.

BBQ Silver Perch