Build a Party Ice Box


How I built my party ice box

We Had a party coming up and it was get close to the date and with no where large to store all the visitors cold drinks. We do have a beer fridge but that was full of my beer and the wife’s’ wine, with no room to spare.

So I then decided I was going to use the old refrigerator that would normally go to scrap, to Build a party ice box.
I decided to strip the old fridge of the motor and internal fans etc…


Leaving a bare bone 2 door fridge. Perfect for a 2 tub 2 size party esky (icebox) chilly bin for the kiwi’s. The freezer will become the small party and the fridge section would become the big party. I have yet to place labels on the front to make sure everybody knows which party they are at when they get here.


It was a fairly simple and start forward process really and only took a few hours.
I took a quick trip to a local hardware store and purchased some fencing materials, fence post rails and palings. (fence slats)


Icebox door

Adding paling to the second door

Using the fence rails I screwed them to the top and bottom edges of the fridge with it laid on its back. I then did the same around the 2 doors. I used long wood self tapping screws as the metal on the fridge is quite thin and they went through easily with a drill as a screwdriver. Just make sure that they are not so long as to go all the way through the walls and be exposed on the inside or that you manage to screw the door shut!

After that it was webIMG_00000184 - Copy - Copyonly a matter of cutting the Paling to the right length and screwing them to the post rails. Make you your post rails are cut so that you finish each side with a full paling of you can. This makes every thing finish of neatly I spaced a first row of paling along the face and the added a second row to cover the space. this served 2 purposes, one, it meant I could finish the face the size of the fridge without having to cut bits off or have overhang. Two, it allowed a finger space to lift the lid without having to fit handles.

On the sides I cut my paling just a bit longer to reach the top of the railing on the door when the door was shut. I the added a face piece to the what is now the front of the lid to come out even with the second row of pilings. This gave me a something to grip when opening the lid.
I just have to make sure that i don’t move my hand and jam it between the edge of the lid and the second row of the face (this seems to happen the more I drink)


Ice Box Finished

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